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Reliable Lift Chairs in Palm Coast, FL

Be Active Mobility offers high-quality lift chairs in Palm Coast, FL, and across the United States. Our team is committed to providing patients with affordable access to the medical equipment they need. We have a variety of reliable models and designs for rent or purchase. Our lift chairs help patients keep their independence and reduce the risk of injury. They are easy to use and provide therapeutic benefits for individuals with mobility challenges. Lift chairs provide safety and convenience for both patients and caregivers. They help reduce edema, pressure sores, and back or joint pain. Our team will help you find the best lift chair for your needs.

lift chair recliner

Utilizing Mechanical Power to Help Patients

Lift chairs combine power and lumbar support to reduce neck and back pain. They use specialized positioning technology to reduce swelling in the knees and legs. Our lift chairs are motorized chairs that help patients move from a sitting to a standing position. These devices are beneficial for patients with a condition that limits their movement capabilities. They are also an excellent option for people recovering from surgery. The chair is powered mechanically and can be controlled with convenient buttons or a remote. We offer a variety of lift chair brands, including the following:

  • Pride
  • Golden Technologies

Finding the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Our team of professionals is here to help you gain access to the medical equipment you need, including lift chairs for rent or purchase. Our lift chairs can help alleviate mobility issues with a powerful lifting system that tilts the base of the chair forward to assist the user in moving to a standing position. Our lift chairs are built for durability and quality. We source our products from top brands and manufacturers. Our products are an excellent solution for individuals with mobility challenges due to pain or lack of muscle strength. We carry a wide variety and selection of fabrics, styles, colors, sizes, and prices to meet your needs.

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