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Medical Equipment Resources in Palm Coast, FL

Be Active Mobility offers several medical equipment resources in Palm Coast, FL, and throughout the United States. Our company offers affordable financing options as well as access to reliable medical care equipment and resources. We’re here to help patients find the equipment and resources they need. Our team of professionals is committed to helping patients access the quality medical equipment they need to live their life to the fullest. We do our best to help patients in any circumstance or financial situation receive the help and resources they need.

Discover More Community Help

Patients and families seeking assistance with medical care and equipment can seek help from various community resources both in Palm Coast, FL and across the United States. While our company offers solutions and financing options for patients, there are lots of additional options out there to help you get the medical equipment you need. Our goal is to connect patients with the resources they need to gain access to quality medical equipment. For more information on accessing quality medical equipment, see the following resources:


Find care providers and get medical coverage with drug and health plans.


The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration provides health care for Florida residents.


Keep track of finances, plan for the future, and receive select member benefits.


Gain access to advanced discounts as well as resources, education, and advocacy.


The National Council on Aging provides tools and resources to ensure health and financial security.


The Florida Council on Aging offers education and advocacy for diverse aging interests.

Advent Health

Receive whole-person care with physical, mental, and spiritual support.


The Florida Alliance of Home Care Services connects providers, industry experts, and sponsors.

AA Home Care

Empower HME providers with advocacy, education, and industry resources.

VGM Live at Home

Discover opportunities to transform homes for safe living.

Doctor Finder

Find better medicine and public health by verifying your doctor’s information.

Quality Health Finder

Locate faculties and health care administrators and providers near you.

Florida Disaster Help

The division of emergency management provides recovery resources for emergencies.

Make the Most of Your Resources

Our team at Be Active Mobility is available to help you navigate the resources available to you. We can connect you with financing options to help you afford the supplies you need. Our reliable medical equipment rentals are a cost-effective option for patients seeking quality medical equipment at an affordable price. We’ll help you find the right products for your needs. Our medical equipment is available for rent or purchase. We have a vast selection of equipment brands and models from the highest-quality manufacturers. Get in touch to learn more about the products and services we offer. Our representatives are happy to answer any of your questions.

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